5 things you should know if you’ve never played paintball before

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of a paintball game before, you might not know exactly what to expect. What should you wear? What if you’ve never played before? Is it hard to learn?

Here at Taskforce Paintball, we’ve pulled together a few things you should know if you’re considering joining us for the first time...

1. Be sure to listen to the marshals:

It’s the marshals who make sure that every game is safe and enjoyable for everyone – from the seasoned experts to the complete beginners. They will tell you when it’s safe to take your mask off, when you need to make sure it’s on - and of course, they might just share some secret tips and strategies with you - if you ask nicely!

2. Your choice of footwear is key:

You want to be mobile and agile when you attack the enemy, and that means at least wearing flat soled shoes, or trainers with good grip. The best option, though, would be sturdy boots with ankle support – or in wet or muddy conditions, football and rugby boots can work wonders!

3. Communication is more important than perfect aim:

You might think that being good at paintball is all about being the sharpest shooter. Whilst this will certainly help, the most successful players also know how important it is to talk tactics, and to keep the rest of the team informed when you’re on the battlefield! Get your team work and strategy right and even the most accurate marksman won’t stand a chance against your well organised side.

4. You are definitely going to get shot, but that’s ok!

If your strategy is to simply avoid being shot, you’re almost certainly going to fail. Plus, you’ll spend so much time dodging paint; you’ll forget about how much fun you could be having! At Taskforce, our Tippman FT50 paintball guns ensure maximum accuracy with minimum pain on impact – meaning you can throw yourself in to the game 100%!

5. You don’t need any prior experience to play:

That’s right – even if you’ve never tried it before, paintball is easy to play, great for groups and fun for all ages. Everyone’s got that friend who thinks they’re an expert - why not put them to the test? After all, you’ll be the one with beginner’s luck on your side!