Pyrotechnics that can be purchased from Taskforce Paintball Cardiff are for sale to players aged 18+.

Hand Grenades 
Hand Grenades are constructed using a cardboard shell, with a fuse inside that has 20-25 paintballs around the centre. To light the fuse, you must tear off the cap, and use the reverse side, which resembles the side of a match box to spark the fuse. When the fuse is lit, there is an approximate 5 seconds before the grenade shatters and explodes, firing coloured paint in all directions.

Smoke Bombs 
Smoke Bombs use the same lighting technology as the hand grenade, with a reverse side to the cap which you must strike against the fuse. When a smoke bomb is lit, it releases coloured smoke for about 2 minutes, to provide cover, or smoke out other paintball players.

Jelly Bombs (Paint Grenade)
Jelly Bombs are non pyrotechnic paint filled bombs. They are safe for under 18's to purchase and use. You simply pull the pin out then throw the bomb into the opponents area. The Jelly Bomb has been specially designed and "Battle Tested" to perform exceptionally in the field. The grenade is very unique as it is the only paint grenade to use the RPS paintball fill as its marking compound. This bright fill material combined with the grenades unique engineering design helps provide an effective range of 30 feet - leaving a mark that clearly identifies your targets.

Why take out a single player when you could take out an entire squad with a Jelly Bomb!!!

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