Other Missions

Last Person Standing

Now its your turn to show us what you are made of, this is your chance to shine! Out on your own in the woodlands, its you against everyone else, you must completely obliterate all other players to win the game. The winner is the last man standing, have you got what it takes to win this game!!


Players are split into pairs, it is pair against pair. Your job is to annihilate all other pairs of players. It must be total destruction. To win the game you must be the last pair standing.

Search and Destroy

Team Alpha will be taken out into the woodlands and given 2 minutes to hide themselves, you will need to find an excellent hiding place amongst the barricades, cubby holes, and purpose built props to make sure the opposition can’t find you! When you hear the shout to start the game you can be sure Team Bravo are out to assassinate you, their mission is to search and destroy your team. The winning team is the one who still has players left at the end of the game.

Team Death Match

Team Alpha starts at one end of the woodlands, Team Bravo the other, when the signal goes to start the game, you must search out your opposition, up to you if you play this game alone, or work as a team, however you must be sure of the objective and that is to wipe out your oppositions team in full. You need to watch your back, as the enemy are coming after you too!