Laser Tag

New Tippmann Barracuda Laser Tag guns used in Cardiff Taskforce

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest state of the art digital laser guns for the ultimate outdoor adventure experience for all ages from 8 upwards, using high tech infra red laser technology you will play in a safe environment without the use of goggles or safety equipment, no projectiles nor bruises for an adrenaline filled day.

Each player is given an easy to use laser tag gun, which plays futuristic sound effects. Pinpoint accuracy up to 100 meters with harmless infra red beams. Points are scored when you successfully zap the opposition with one of the sensors located on the pack and the gun. You will lose points yourself if you are hit by an opponent's laser. There are many game variations from simple games to more advanced and complex games for small and large teams alike.

Take yourself back to a time of playing hide and seek as a child, running around trying to find your friends, sneaking up on them when they least expected it, and the look of shock when they realise they have been found. As the hunted you will be hiding in the undergrowth, keeping yourself as hidden as you possibly can, hoping no part of you can be seen, keeping quiet and listening intently for the sound of footsteps approaching......That memory will give you an insight of the thrill that Juniors and adults alike will experience when playing Laser Tag in our woodlands. If you enjoy playing computer games, then with Laser Tag you can put yourself as a character of your favourite game, shooting out the opposition in woodland scenario settings.
Your gun will record who has shot you, and how many times they have hit you, you can make sure on the next mission as you head out into the woodlands to get your revenge, you will know who you are looking for. Your gun will give off a futuristic sound whenever you are hit, or you hit a member of the opposition, and when the game is over you can compare with other players on your game who it was who actually hit you!
Unlike paintball, you are not actually shot by a pellet, just a harmless laser beam, so that means no bruises for the people playing, also unlike paintball you will not need to wear goggles just some strong outdoor boots or shoes.

Laser tag has been developed taking the best of paintball, computer games, and indoor laser/quasar to create a totally mind blowing new outdoor experience. At Taskforce Paintball we are specialists in tailoring events to your individual needs, Children's birthday parties, Corporate events, Stag or Hen parties or just individuals wanting to have a great fun day out. From short quick missions designed to get you making fast decisions, to longer more advanced scenario games that need careful planning and strategic communication, leadership , team building and problem solving skills, our games are designed for men woman and children of all ages.

Who can play?

The minimum age for Laser Tag is 8 years old. Any age between 8 and 80 have enjoyed our events. Mums and Dads are welcome to join in with the junior events, many of the Dads have had as much fun as the kids getting muddy and hiding in the woodlands!!


We can bring our kit to your site!!!!
Games can be held at your own location, school, fete, BBQ, office, warehouse, field or woodland call us to discuss your requirements.

Minimum numbers may apply.

Click here for a Laser Tag Brochure

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