Paintball in Cardiff, South Wales

At the start of the day you'll be issued with all the equipment you'll need. Combat clothing, a full face mask and goggles, protective head cover and of course your weapon. 

All of our guns are the latest Paintball markers the Tippman FT50's powered by compressed air, our guns have all recently been updated and we are currently the only site not only in the UK but in Europe to have the Tippman FT50's

Using state of the art technology, the guns fire further, and straighter with a lighter smaller pellet, unlike other guns, will not bruise or mark the skin, or leave unsightly marks.  We are aware that people have been put off playing paintball because of the "pain" element, this new equipment puts back all the fun in playing paintball.

We will also provide you with an allocation of paint pellets. Further paint pellets can be purchased as can smoke grenades, paint grenades, jelly grenades and a few other delightful items with which to wreak havoc amongst your 'enemy'. We'll keep a running tally of your ammo usage and tot it up at the end of the day. The air to run your gun is free of charge.

Who can play?

Adult Paintball - Games for 16 years old and above (under 16 can join adult games if accompanied by adult)
Junior Paintball - Games for 11 - 16 year olds - Low impact paintball for 8 years and above. Parents are welcome to join in!

For a Brochure click here Paintball Brochure

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