Paintball Prices

Half Day

Pay As You Play

Entrance only price, no paintballs included. (Adults Only)


Basic Half Day

Our standard package including 250 balls, a careful player can make this last the session!

Junior package (Age 8-15)


Cautious Shooter

300 paintballs will last the session for any strategic shooter.



This is for the trigger happy players! Loads of ammo! You will have a blast!


Paintball Pricing Information


Players at Taskforce Paintball Games Cardiff will receive:

  • The latest, well maintained equipment and protective wear.
  • Paintball players use state of the art semi-automatic paintball guns, a full face goggle system that is comfortable and safe, cammo suit, fully padded hood with neck and ear protection, as well as body armour and ammo battle pack if required. Half Day packages start 9am-12.30pm or 12.30-4pm and include a minimum of 6 fun adrenaline filled games. 
  • Paintball Packages booked for Juniors (age 8-16) Based on 2 Players sharing one bag of 500 paintballs (DUE TO COVID-19) . Age of players can be submitted when booking. 
  • Birthday/Stag/Hen certificates (Let us have details when you book)
  • Professional and qualified marshalls
  • A Full Safety Briefing at the start of your day
  • Comprehensive public liability insurance



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COMPARE OUR PRICES - If you are quoted a better price or package elsewhere please give us the chance to match it!


  1. Bring along a group of between 10 and 20 paintball players including yourself and we will give you a bag of 500 paintballs FREE OF CHARGE! (conditions apply)
  2. Book and pay for your session ONLINE and receive an extra 100 pellets as the organiser


JUNIORS - Paintball Packages booked for Juniors (age 8-16). Note there is no food included in the Laser Tag activity. Age of players can be submitted when booking.

GIFT VOUCHERS - Great idea for Christmas/birthday presents. You can purchase a gift voucher for a full day or half day game or for a set amount that can be taken off a game fee on the day (i.e. £10, £20 vouchers). Please call the office on 02920 593900 for more details. Once payment of a gift voucher by credit or debit card has been made your gift certificate will be emailed to you immediately

CHECK IN TIME - To ensure that your paintball games are started promptly please arrive 30 minutes before your start time, this will allow you to be kitted out with your safety gear and purchase any extras as required

ONLINE TICKET AGENCIES (Adults Only) - If you are thinking about booking paintball through an online ticket agency please can you bear in mind the following points:

  • Check how much paint you are being promised in your package
  • Most on line agencies only offer you the first 100 paint pellets in your package
  • 100 paint pellets will only last you a couple of games at most!!
  • They will not offer you a bag of 500 paintballs if you book 10 or more players
  • When you arrive with your on line tickets, you will be liable to pay for any additional paint pellets on the day at £8.95 per 100 purchased.
  • Often the package if you book it via an agency will cost you much more on the day than if you book it directly with us.


We always offer packages that include everything you will need to play with us for an enjoyable day or half day out, we do not want to see any 
potential paintball players feeling they have been sold tickets that are not value for money. If you have any queries regarding price, please call our office on 02920 593900 where a member of staff will be pleased to discuss prices and packages with you. Please note that the ONLINE AGENCY Packages are for Adults only



  • Burgers: 1/4lb - £3.00, 1/4lb with Cheese - £3.50, Chicken Burger - £3.50, Veggie Burger - £3.00
  • Rolls: Bacon - £3.00, Bacon and Egg - £3.50, Sausage and Egg - £3.50, Bacon and Sausage - £3.50, Hot Dog - £3.00
  • Extras: Sausage, Cheese slice, Bacon, Egg - £1 each
  • Chocolates & Snacks - £1.10
  • 500ml Soft drinks £1.90 



  • Paint pellets per 100 - £8.95
  • Paint pellets per 500 - £39.95
  • Paint pellets per 1000 - £69.95
  • Smoke Grenades (Various colours) - £6.00 (over 18's only)
  • Paint Grenades - £6.00 (over 18's only)
  • Jelly Bombs - £6.00  
  • Armoured Gloves £7.00
  • Wool Gloves £3.50


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